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 +=====Twas the Night before Skiing=====
 +  Twas the night before skiing, when all through the house 
 +  I was the only creature stirring, except for one mouse. 
 +  My ski bags were packed by the front door with care, 
 +  Because the mountain was calling and I'd soon be there.  
 +  I couldn't stay nestled all snug in my bed, 
 +  Cuz visions of fresh tracks danced around in my head. 
 +  Newschoolers on my computer, which I had on my lap, 
 +  Was keeping me from getting my much-needed nap. 
 +  When outside my window there arose such a clatter, 
 +  I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. 
 +  Away to the window I flew in a dash, 
 +  Tore open the shutters; I got there in a flash. 
 +  The moon glimmering behind the falling snow 
 +  That was quickly covering the objects below. 
 +  When, below my wide open eyes should appear, 
 +  But an enormous smile that stretched ear to ear. 
 +  My lips had sprung up, so lively and quick, 
 +  I knew in a moment that tomorrow would be sick. 
 +  More rapid than eagles the snow, down it came, 
 +  And it whistled, and shouted, it was calling my name! 
 +  "Now Vail! Now, Alta! Now, Whistler and Jackson! 
 +  On, Park City! On, Squaw! On Mount Snow and A-Basin! 
 +  Snow for every mountain! Let it pile tall! 
 +  Now get your skis! Your boards! Come one, come all!" 
 +  The snow kept falling, and on the ground it nested, 
 +  And I decided that it'd be best if I were well-rested. 
 +  I heard this when I entered my bed and the snow left sight: 
 +  "Happy skiing to all, and to all a good-night!"
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