[Sean]: Fun Fact I still have 6 darts!
[Sean]: "I'm talking out of my ass like I usually do."
NOTES: Muttered as he was going over the 361 practice test.
Fun Fact: Sean Madden already knows all the answers to all programming problems before he knows that all the solutions to all programming problems are recursive.
[Sean]: The road to hell is paved with good intentions and lined with IT majors.
Lab: YAY! 
NOTES: Upon the discovery that google tv has an incognito mode
Fun Fact: Sean Madden knows the IP address of every website.
Fun Fact: Sean Madden's cargo shorts have already found the Higgs Boson
Fun Fact: To avoid the 80 character/line limit, Sean Madden goes one dream level deeper.
Fun Fact: Before a class is changed, Sean Madden knows how to write the review session tests for it
Madden: It is back up after the great hard drive shat of 2010.
NOTES: During a crash course stating that his server is back up
[Madden] How many SE majors does it take to figure out the cable is unplugged?
[T.O.] None, it's a hardware issue
NOTES: 361 review session
[McAfee]: I have the power to rewrite time, by the power vested in me by Sean Madden.
NOTES: when the mentor says it's garbage thirty, it's garbage thirty
[Madden]: How many terrorist plots have there been with a big American building and a little terrorist that goes "Alalalala" boom?
NOTES: Talking about Tom Clancy foreshadowing 9/11
[Sean]: That's the difference between you and me. My code is killing people.
NOTES: Sean Madden's code is probably in an F-16 right now.
Sean: Danjo can wrap my beans in whatever way he wants.
Sean Madden: Bitches don't know about my diagramming skills. Oh, that was bad. Don't repeat that.
NOTES: SE 361 review session
Nick: What do you call those people in your groups who show up and don't know what Subversion or Version Control are?
Sean: Meat shields.
Sean: How did that get out of my pants?
NOTES: wallet… calm down sam
Derek: I know you taught it to you that way in class, but i am telling you they are wrong!!!
NOTES: Derek turning into sean madden during review session
[Sean]: I may or may not be in the process of rooting your server
NOTES: Benti messed up the file permissions
[Sean]: I can just see Benti skipping around with a basket of business cards, throwing them around to the companies
NOTES: Benti on business cards, Sean on ???
[Sean]: The Mentoring army is not enough. We need a legit army.
NOTES: After watching videos of model jets, and the SSE wanting their own
Student: How about Charlie Sheen? (as an actor in the use case)
Madden: It's an equivalence class...he's the same as the dog, he's useless.
NOTES: SE 361 review session
[Mentley]: RSA got hacked
[Chowder]: *Horror*
[Madden]: The company, not the algorithm
[Chowder]: *sigh*
NOTES: Chowder fearing the death of the internet
[to sean madden] you are magic
NOTES: after sean fixed my code
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