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 +  Why do we do it? 
 +  Why do we seek out these places? 
 +  We get asked all the time, why? 
 +  Why do we choose to keep coming back time and time again. 
 +  There are just certain places that we all feel drawn to. 
 +  Places with a calling that are impossible to ignore. 
 +  We discover a profound meaning in these places. 
 +  An extraordinary connection with something more than ourselves. 
 +  It doesn't matter who we are, what we do, where we come from. 
 +  We are all consumed by the same curiosity, the same desire to explore the world. 
 +  For us, it's not enough to live life on the edge... 
 +   ...we have to live over it. 
 +  It is impossible to explain the magic of these places, the impact that they have on us. 
 +  For us the summit is just the starting point,  
 +   ...it is the journey on the way down where the adventure truly begins. 
 +Credit to: [[https://vimeo.com/148696696|WE ARE CANYONEERS]]
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