Bunnies from Orbit


The origins of this phrase are unknown to all but the most sage of engineers. Some say that it has been passed down over the ages by the ancient monks of RIT. All we know is that it resurfaced again sometime around the end of 2009 in the Lab.

Original Text

Are you serious?  That's like... hunting rabbits ... with nuclear weapons... from orbit.  THAT'S HOW UNNECESSARY THAT IS.

Colloquial Use

  • That design? Bunnies from obit man.
  • Seriously, would you stop with the bunnies from orbit shit?

Situational Usage

This phrase is used to imply overzealous design and application to projects - to the point of overkill. Examples include the following situations:

  • A basic networking/messaging application for a introductory course. Design and implementation of CORBA ensues.
  • A class project with an assignment time of 1 week, design a command line interface to a database with reports. Your design includes a Graphical User Interface with a scalable enterprise backend that utilizes Java Reflections to dynamically scan the classpath for reporting engines and reporting widgets.
  • While implementing an introductory course to software engineering, your basic state mechanism utilizes Hibernate to persist objects.
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